3 Reasons the Holy Spirit is Essential

Who is the ONE person you absolutely cannot live without?

There are two responses to this question. Either you’re going to answer it or you’re going to say, “I don’t need anyone.” I’ve never heard anyone tell me the answer I would suggest to you. The one person I cannot live without is the Holy Spirit. What does the Holy Spirit have to do with adventure? Everything! I want to give you 3 reasons why the Holy Spirit is ESSENTIAL in your life.

If knowing God is the greatest adventure then relationship with the Holy Spirit is the gas that fuels it.

Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is a person in the Godhead (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit) who is known as our helper. He is the gift that Jesus died to give us. When Jesus resurrected He came down to hang with His disciples for 40 days and He told them, “wait here until you receive the promise.” That promise was for the Holy Spirit to be sent and rest upon us an live in us. The Holy Spirit is our great helper, counselor, and He gives us power and grace.

So what are the three reasons why the Holy Spirit is essential in our lives?

  1. He’s the comfortor! I would suggest that is’ hard to know the comfortor if you never take risks outside of your comfort zone. An adventurous life with God calls for us to live outside of what’s comfortable and we need the comfortor to help us remain in peace.
  2. Connection! He’s our connection with the throne room. Jesus says, that He takes what’s being discussed in the throne room of Heaven and relays it to us. How incredible is that. In order for us to bear good fruit in our lives, we must abide in Christ. We know that Christ is constantly praying for us in the throne room, and the Holy Spirit takes that and gives it to us to encourage us. He also speaks through the Word of God and one of the main ways we abide in Christ is through His Word. The connection to all wisdom, undertanding, and strategy lies in our relationship with the Holy Spirit!
  3. Conduit! The Holy Spirit gives us power. Just just power to not cuss! Power to walk like Jesus! Every miracle Jesus performed was through the Holy Spirit and Jesus goes on to say that we would do the same things He did. That’s how the kingdom of God manifests itself on the earth today; through followers of Jesus who have given their lives to Him and in return He’s given us the greatest gift of all: His amazing Holy Spirit

This week I want to challenge you to lean into this blog post. Ask yourselves these questions:

  1. Am I living so comfortably that I don’t need the Holy Spirit?
  2. Is my life bearing good fruit? How can I abide in Christ more?
  3. Is there power in my life? How can I interact with the Holy Spirit in new ways to demonstrate the kingdom of God?

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  1. “…I t’s hard to know the comfortor if you never take risks outside of your comfort zone. “

    That gave me something to think about

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