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We must stop using the excuse of having kids and a mortgage to hold us back from a life filled with adventure. I want to share their stories (and more) with you, along with weekly challenges with your friends and family! I want to encourage all of you to live adventurously every day through a mix of casual, crucial, and epic adventures.

Dan Zehner

Initiative book exercise 2 deliverables

Initiative book exercise 2 deliverables

The advice So, this was an AWESOME exercise! The challenge was to talk to five people (at least) about the five problem/solution pairs and get advice to improve them. Each person had their own unique perspective on the problem, its actual root cause, or a better way...

Initiative book exercise 2: the five problems

Initiative book exercise 2: the five problems

Five problems and solutions In this second exercise, Josh has challenged me to come up with five problems that affect my area of interest. Not just the problem, but a person it affects and how it makes them feel. This is very similar to the Desired End State language...

Initiative book – personal essay

I'm working my way through the book Initiative by our great podcast guest and friend, Josh Spodek (check it out here), and the first challenge he gives is to keep an account of all the exercises as you go through them with some friends, family, or colleagues. I...

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