A liturgy for rucking

I live trapped and heavy

As I pick up my burden for this long trial

I am reminded that a fool’s provocation

Is heavier than steel or sand.

Lord, my burdens are heavy

The weight of the world and its concerns weighs on me

As I carry both physical and emotional burdens

Let myself be yoked to you, O Christ

Let me share my burden with you.

As I share these pounds of sand and steel with others

Remind me that in sharing each other’s burdens,

We fulfill the law of Christ.

Christ, go before me and guide me

Go beside me and share my load

Go behind me and support me when I stumble

Be beneath my feet and guide my steps

Be in me and strengthen me to carry my load.

When I finally lay down my load of sand and steel

Remind me to lay down my burden of sin and shame also.

I lay down my burdens at the feet of the Cross

That I may live freely and lightly

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