Liturgy for thunderstorms

In the midst of the tempest, I cry to you O Lord of the wind and waves.

Bring peace to my troubled soul.

Bring safety to my family.

Bring us safely to the dawn after the darkness of night.

Lord, you speak peace and the winds obey.

You are the One who walks on water

The One who created the waters and skies from the formless void

Come into this storm now and speak peace!

Speak peace to the wind.

Speak peace to the rain.

Speak peace to the lightning.

Speak peace to the thunder.

Christ be with me in the darkness.

Let your glory be revealed in the lightning flashes.

Let your power be felt in the peals of thunder.

Let your cleansing blood be revealed in the torrents of rain.

Lord, you are my shepherd. I shall not be in want.

Your rod and your staff comfort me when I am fearful.

You make me lie down in green fields. You lead me beside quiet waters. You restore my soul.

You lead me on paths of righteousness for your name’s sake.

Even when I walk through the dark and stormy valley, I will not fear, for you are with me.

I will sing your praises until the morning when the storm has passed. I will celebrate your mercies which are new each day. Your love never fails.


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  1. I read this to my husband as he drove us home on a clear night. It brought to mind a time when I drove that same road during a tempest the likes of which I’d never been out in before so the arc and words of your prayer rang true–both for actual weather events and the storms we face in life.

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