3 Ways to Have Peace in the Adventurous Storms of Life

Who thinks of peace in the middle of a storm?

I bet you wouldn’t think of the word “peace” when thinking of the word “storm”. I’ve heard it said that you only have authority over the storms that you can sleep in. What does that mean? It means that what goes on that’s outside of our control, ultimately cannot have influence over us when we cultivate what we can control. Out heart posture is everything in this life, and we know that the issues of life flow from our heart. A healthy heart posture equals a peaceful life.

Most of us know the story of Jesus sleeping on the boat during a massive storm. The Bible tells us that Jesus’ disciples were afraid during the storm and therefore woke Jesus from his nap. Jesus was actually upset with them when they did this. He expected them to have greater faith. He simply woke up, spoke to the storm and it all ceased.

I believe Jesus is less concerned with the storms of life and more concerned with our heart posture during the storms. So how do we live in peace when the waves and wind are too loud to even think about peace? That’s a great question! I can only offer my experience and these three things to make sure you have peace.

  1. We have to know Peace. Peace is a person. Did you know that one of the names of God is “Prince of Peace”? Peace is only found in Him. Jesus tells us that he gives us peace freely. Not as the world gives, but only peace that He can give. So we know that outside of Jesus, we cannot actually have peace that satisfies. This is the kind of peace that doesn’t make any logical sense. The peace that remains through all the storms. So in order to have the peace of Christ, we have to actually know Christ.
  2. What or who are we looking at? When Peter walked on water, he had his eyes on Jesus. Scripture tells us that when he NOTINCED the wind and the waves he began to sink. The wind and the waves were always present, however they didn’t have influence on him when he kept his eyes on Jesus. Jesus must have our gaze or else the issues of life will.
  3. Peace is a fruit. What does that mean? It means that peace is produced without trying as long as we’re connected to the source. Peace is a fruit of the Spirit and you’ll know if you”re connected or not if peace is growing in your life. Fruit just grows. Apple trees don’t work hard to grow apples, it just happens becuase it’s in their DNA. In the same way when we’re connected to Jesus, peace grows.

I’d like to challenge you this month with these things;

  1. Get to know Jesus better than you currently do
  2. Analyze where your gaze is. When an issue comes, does it draw all of your attention? Is your attention on the face of Jesus daily?
  3. Stay connected! Abide! Ask Jesus everyday for a revelation of how connected you are to Him.

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