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Pace, Reflection, and Travel

Posted on
Between the morning’s family-friendly hike around Trout Lake and the afternoon’s challenge trek to Sepulchre’s summit, we traveled through Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley. We knew this place well. At least, we…

3 Reasons the Holy Spirit is Essential

Posted on
Who is the ONE person you absolutely cannot live without? There are two responses to this question. Either you’re going to answer it or you’re going to say, “I don’t…

Why We Keep Going

Posted on
My husband and I set off into the woods at a brisker than usual clip. Sooner than I hoped, the trail made good on its short-but-steep reputation. After a brief…

Adventure is Essential

Posted on
Complacency is the enemy of mankind. We were meant to be adventurers, conquering the unknown! What happens when we stop progressing? Have you become dissatisfied with living a dull life…

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