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How’s Your Home Team?

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‘It’s easier if you walk along the edge,” my husband, Jaime, said. We were covering unfamiliar terrain. I knew how to hike the packed dirt paths of the midwest and…

A liturgy for rucking

Posted on
I live trapped and heavy As I pick up my burden for this long trial I am reminded that a fool’s provocation Is heavier than steel or sand. Lord, my…

Black Belt attitude: adventures in taekwondo

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I will live with perseverance, in the spirit of taekwondo. Having honor with others, integrity within myself, and self control of my actions. – American Taekwondo, The Songham Spirit of…

What Do You Need for Your Next Adventure?

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“Are you sure you’re okay?” Jaime asked, hesitating. We’d been pushing it all week: driving from Iowa to Wyoming on the fringes of a several-state-spanning blizzard then switching over to…

You can’t achieve it alone

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This is the part of the year where I’m supposed to tell you things like “you just have to put your mind to it, and you can achieve anything!” or…

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