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What can we learn from adventures?

Posted on
Our team is looking forward to taking some time for rest, recovery, and adventure so I have one more post before we sign off for that time until the end…

The Gift of Reflection and Adventure

Posted on
To share adventures with your family, with your kids, with your spouse, is quite a gift. Adventures allow you to grow. They allow you to peel back new insights about…

For the Dads: What Comes Around

Posted on
“My goodness, Natalie. You come from adventurous stock.”  Really? Turning away from the email, I looked through the window to the trees beyond. I’d never thought about myself, or my…

Autopilot, Attention & Adventure

Posted on
Pivoting at the switchback, I wondered just exactly why I’d thought the thigh-burning Hellroaring Trail was a good idea. Sure, the descent had been smooth and the destination was stunning….

Out of gas – planning for adventures

Posted on
How do you plan for fighting Mike Tyson? Prepare to get punched in the face repeatedly. A wise mentor once told me this, and it has stuck with me ever…

Training for Adventure

Posted on
Sir Winston Churchill said, “To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very…

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