Men are so obsessed with their own comfort that they’ve stopped doing the hard things that actually bring them life.

Instead, they settle for a life they feel the need to escape from with video games, social media, sports, Netflix, and porn. The solution is crafting a life that’s full of learning, practicing new skills, and gaining experience in the real world through adventures. Getting stronger mentally, spiritually and physically leads to a life where others want to join in with you and create families and communities full of beauty and adventure. You don’t need to live in the mountains or fly anywhere for this! New challenges and experiences can be found wherever you are, at your stage of life. Sometimes it will just be you and God; others are best experienced with weirdos just like you or on a weekend camping trip with your family. With this new mindset, readers will find a life that’s satisfying, rich, and more fully alive.

Get to Breakfast outlines the journey of a man in his late 20s from realizing that his dreams have left him trapped in a cubicle, to accepting the need for adventure in his life, to needing to use adventure as fuel for his life with God. In his own life, Dan Zehner has lived this path out. From his experience finding himself in a cubicle in his engineering job and wondering why his dream job wasn’t fulfilling him, to his life full of hard adventures that have led to a rhythm of being sustained by choosing the difficult path. Over the past 7 years, he’s chosen to embrace challenges like GORUCK endurance events, changing careers, training with retired Navy SEALs, and bringing his family on adventures. He’s the guy a few steps down the narrow road that leads to life with God. And he makes a mean biscuits and gravy.