Adventure together


Feeling trapped in a life with too many obligations? There’s a point in many men’s lives where they feel like they have to give up on adventure to provide for and support their family, leaving them looking forward to going to bed at night more than they do waking up in the morning.

At Anthem of the Adventurer, we bring men together in small, local teams with expert adventure mentors to do wild things that make our hearts come alive, so we can build a strong brotherhood of men, and lead our families through perseverance, character growth, and blazing a new trail of hope in our lives.

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Manhood is a team sport!

Check out this video from a local GORUCK Ruck Club, called Boiler Ruck. This is the kind of adventure you’ll be doing in your local group!

When was the last time you felt this alive? This is ready for you…. right now! Sign up for a group near you!

When was the last time you felt fully alive?

When I first saw this video, I felt that I needed to get into the woods yesterday! It awakened a hunger for me for getting out and exploring wild places in the world. I felt more alive and inspired, ready to tackle some wilderness for myself with my local group of adventurers.

When we overcome challenge in the wilderness, it reignites our masculine hearts in a way that nothing in our indoor, cubicle container, beige walled office life can. 


What’s possible for you, when you start to weave epic adventures into your everyday life? 

Embrace Challenge in the Wilderness

When a man becomes who God made him to be, every day is an adventure

– Bart Hansen

What are you waiting for?